The mission of Serve is aimed to make a difference in the lives of youth by serving as a youth and family advocate, while collaborating with international schools. Psychoeducational assessment services from Serve Well are used to help kids thrive academically, emotionally, and individually.


About Me and My Services

I am certified as an Education Specialist in School Psychology. I serve to help children and youth identify their strengths, honor their individuality, and overcome barriers to feeling successful in the highly rigorous academic environment of International Schools. My services are focused on assessment for the purposes of finding the best fit for your child's International School experience. I take into consideration the challenges and opportunities of which the Global Nomad community experiences and the influence of transition for each individual student's learning and adaptation. I provide assessment and recommend interventions designed to be  implemented collaboratively between the home and school environment. Collaborative consultation helps students develop a better understanding of expectations and assists in bridging the gap among their multi-faceted and multi-cultural environments. Finding commonalities and problem-solving strategies in the school, community and home environment helps to better equip them in adapting and building resiliency skills during the stages of transition unique to each child. This provides students, families, and educators with tools and strategies to practice and assists them in overcoming challenges that may interfere with enjoying school and achieving their personal best.

What is a School Psychologist?

A School psychologist provides assessment and mental health services that address students' strengths and areas of needed growth as they pertain to academic success. School psychologists are specially trained to link mental health support and resources to learning and behavior. Assessment includes but is not limited to; identification of Gifted and Talented, Twice Exceptional, Learning Disabilities, Emotional Disabilities, and/or Developmental Delays in Cognitive and Social/Emotional functioning. Assessment of school systems and classroom environments are considered when providing intervention support and accommodations.


  • Provide comprehensive psychoeducational assessment of cognitive, academic achievement, and social-emotional functioning.
  • Work directly with children and families to address strengths barriers in relation to academic and social development.
  • Teach students coping and adaptation skills for transition.
  • Help students develop skills to solve conflicts and problems independently.
  • Foster tolerance and understanding of diversity.
  • Provide parents and educators with resources to address individualized student support.